Meet My Family

Ben, married 10.28.06 -- The husband unit. We still hold hands and flirt with each other, and hope to gross out our daughters with it someday.

Ella, 4.22.09, 42w2d, Cesarean birth -- My deep-in-thought, old soul firstborn.

Brenna, 4.1.11, 41w5d, homebirth VBAC -- My my-way-or-the-highway, balls-to-the-wall Blondie Curls.

Leah, 10.18.13, 40w3d, hospital VBAC -- My super sweet, could-eat-her-up toddler face.

Ben and I met in high school chemistry class (chemistry... haha...) during our sophomore year. We were best buddies the summer after, spending our days hanging out at Water World, watching the sunset over Garden of the Gods, or watching movies on the couch. The September of our junior year of high school, Ben worked up the nerve (and believe me, it took some workin' for the shy guy he was!) to ask me to be his girlfriend. We were high school sweethearts - I'd cheer him on at soccer games and wrestling meets, and he never missed any of my choir concerts and put up with my stress during yearbook editing deadlines.

Photobucket Junior Prom - 2003

We graduated from high school in 2004, knowing that whatever college decision we made, we'd be going together. We spent one year at University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, doing the typical college thing away from home. We were making the 2-hour trek back to Colorado Springs each weekend, though, to work at my family's restaurant, so we moved back the following year. We moved in together into a cozy 600 square foot cottage.

In February, 2006, Ben asked me to be his wife, and we got married October 28, 2006.


We both finished out our college days at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Ben completed his Bachelor of Science in Accounting and his Bachelor of Science in Finance. I completed my Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Photobucket Photobucket

Ben is now co-owner of the family restaurant. He takes care of all of the accounting and bookkeeping, as well as working as a server. I work as a night-shift RN on the mother/baby unit. I miss attending births as a doula, but absolutely love taking care of expanding families and squishy newborns.

We had a brand-new house built in 2013. We are loving making this house our home!

Still young and in love, we go camping in the Rockies every summer and steal kisses in the midst of our crazy busy days.